Application for Study Abroad

Landshut University of Applied Sciences has concluded cooperation agreements with various foreign universities. These agreements provide for only a limited number of students per semester.

Please register in our mobility system Mobility Online via Link below.

Please note that you also apply as a so-called "Free Mover", if you as part of your studies at HAW choose to study abroad at other universities worldwide, via our Mobility ONLINE system.

Bachelor- and Master students

  • by 1 October (Start SS)
  • by 15 April  (Start WS)

(Please note that the documents for the University  South Wales have to be submitted already by 28 March)

Please first create a user account via this link in Mobility Online

Free Mover

  • by 1 October (Start SS)
  • by 15 April  (Start WS)

Please first create a user account via this link in Mobility Online.

Bachelor students International Business 

  • 1 January - 30 March (Start WS)
  • 1 June - 1 October (Start SS)

(Please note that the documents for the University South Wales have to be submitted already by 28 March)

Please first create a user account via this link in Mobility Online.

You will then receive a confirmation email. Please use the link in the mail to submit the documents.

The following documents have to uploaded into the system:

  • Cover letter to the partner university in programme language with information on motivation and person
  • Curriculum vitae in programme language
  • Current Transcript of Records (confirmation of grades in English)

You can then use the system to view your personal application status throughout the entire process.

Application process

Notes on the application portal

The application portal is a dialogue system. The steps already completed appear as green boxes, the next steps to be completed are indicated by red boxes. If you are stuck in your application workflow, this means that you will have to wait here for a response from the International Office. This can be done either directly in the portal or by e-mail. As soon as the corresponding box is set to "green", you can continue working on your workflow. After entering the data, you must confirm this by clicking on the "Create new" button. Documents that you upload must be in pdf format.

Your application documents are initially the only source of information for the decision. Therefore, in your own interest, applicants should prepare their application documents carefully.

After the deadline, an assignment to the partner universities will be made based on your choice of university and the criteria listed:

  • Receipt Date of application (Application in due time)
  • Language skills 
  • Academic achievements
  • Completeness / quality of the application documents

If we have to make a selection, we will decide according to meeting the requirements and the date of receipt of the application. You will receive a written notification of the allocation of places as well as information on any additional documents required.

Application documents for partner universities

Each partner university also has its own application forms, which can be completed online or on paper (Application Form, Accommodation Form, etc.) The partner university's information sheet will inform you about the application formalities at your chosen partner university.


As a so-called Free Mover you have the opportunity to study at any university of your choice as long as the faculty and the corresponding dean of studies agree to your plans and the achievements you make at the university abroad are recognised by the University of Applied Sciences Landshut. Please note that you also have to register as a Free Mover via Mobility Online AND directly to the partner university.

Steps specifically for ERASMUS+ partners before and after the mobility

Before and after the mobility

The International Office will automatically send you the ERASMUS+ Grant Agreement, ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement as well as a form for the confirmation of an international health insurance and a link to the language test (OLS).

Please proceed as follows:

  • Sign the ERASMUS+ grant agreement and upload it to the Mobility ONLINE system
    (in case of severe disability, please enclose a copy of the disabled person's pass)
  • Create the ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement in Mobility Online, print it out, and have it signed by the faculty's international officer. Afterwards, please upload it back into the system. We will then forward it to the examination board for final signature
  • Deliver the insurance certificate to the International Office

Please think of concluding an accident / liability insurance with the DAAD Group Insurance. Terms and Information find below:

After completion of the ERASMUS+ programme

After the end of your studies abroad, you must process and submit the following documents, which are provided to you via Mobility Online, within 4 weeks:

  • Letter of confirmation of stay abroad
  • Written progress report
  • Report as a link (EU Survey)
  • You will receive the link to the final language test (link OLS) by E-Mail

You will receive the information by written notice 2-4 weeks before the end of your stay abroad.

Please note that students can receive ERASMUS+ funding for a maximum of 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor/Master) for study abroad / internship.