Language Courses

Language course abroad - why?

Whether in preparation for a study or internship abroad or just out of interest in the language itself - many students often want to learn a language directly on site, where they can come into direct contact with native speakers outside the classroom.

There are a variety of offers from language course providers. But many universities abroad also offer language courses - this way you do not only get to know the language, but also the foreign university.

If the level, course size and offer match your expectations, you can get started. Knowledge of foreign languages not only helps you personally, but is also a good qualification for your job. Learning abroad is particularly easy: you improve your language skills not only in the course, but also in everyday life.

Find out more about the offers at our partner universities via the info sheets of the respective university. Please apply
directly at the institution / partner university.

If you want to do a language course, and need further information, please feel free to make an appointment with us.