Conversion of grades for examinations taken abroad

The evaluation of exams taken at a foreign university is generally carried out according to the rules of the Conference of the Kultusministerium / Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

Please note that a so-called Learning Agreement or, for ERASMUS partner countries, an ERASMUS Learning Agreement must always be completed  and agreed with the international faculty coordinator or the examination board of the faculty before the study visit.

The grades are transferred directly, as far as the systems are comparable.

As a standard, grades from a non-comparable linear grading system are converted according to the so-called 'Modified Bavarian Formula' and included in the calculation of the overall grade.

Recognised examination results are marked in the certificate.

The grade conversion table valid from 1 October 2018 for our partner universities can be found here.

For the conversion at all other colleges and unviersities, please contact:

Modified Bavarian formula

               Nmax - Nd
x=1+3  ---------------
               Nmax – Nmin

x = required grade
Nmax = best achievable grade in the foreign grading system
Nmin = worst grade for passing in the foreign grading system
Nd = grade to be transformed into the German grading system (= individually achieved grade)

The result is rounded to the nearest German grade, for example
2,4 => 2    2,6 => 3.
If the result lies exactly between two German grades, it is rounded to the better grade, e.g:
2,5 => 2    

You can find the highest and lowest grades for each country in the anabin database of the Central Authority for Foreign Education ( in German) 

Contact Person: Judith Maier (zeugnisanerkennung(at)