Value-Based Production Management (MBA)

This course is offered only in German.

This part-time work-based Master's programme is aimed at future managers in the production environment and focuses on developing management understanding and the effects of interacting with people in production on the performance of an enterprise.

The programme aims to give answers to questions that arise in a heterogeneous and changing society in a high-wage production environment in the sphere of influence of production management. 

A high degree of practical relevance to the course content resulting from the strong links between the theoretical subjects and actual situations in manufacturing companies prepares students for future roles and challenges in a highly dynamic professional environment.

After successfully completing the programme, students will be awarded the academic degree of Master of Business Administration (or MBA for short). 

This Master's degree programme conveys more in-depth and advanced scientific knowledge, skills and competencies in the nexus between engineering, management and society, which enable graduates to take on particularly demanding specialist and management roles in a dynamic and complex professional environment.

The Master's degree programme is aimed at the value creation process in the production sector and is thus tailored to the needs of industrial engineers, engineers, natural scientists and specialists in business administration with a technical background.

This degree qualifies the holder to undertake doctoral studies..

It is possible to participate in individual modules of the course:

  • Quality and production management
  • Concepts of value and health-oriented leadership
  • Intercultural understanding and the fundamentals of ethics
  • Product development processes in key industries

This course is currently preparing for an announced accreditation by ASIIN. The consent of the responsible ministry of state was granted in November 2015.

For more information please contact Professor Dr. Sven Roeren by telephone on +49 (0)151 - 229 976 64 or by email (sven.roeren(at)

Special Features

Model factory
The approximately 900 m2 learning factory, which among other things provides a realistic impression of the value creation chains in production and logistics and their environments, gives students the opportunity to grasp cause and effect relationships in the complex environment of a production facility and to implement decisions.

In-depth practice through a supervised project in a company
The high level of practical relevance is assured by a one-week practical project supervised by a lecturer and a company representative in the student's own or another company. The participants apply the knowledge they have acquired to a real project under the supervision of experienced management consultants. The projects are specified at an early stage (around six months in advance) as part of the value oriented production management work group.

Every student is allocated a professor or lecturer during their studies to act as a mentor who will support and advise them with respect to their progress and reflection upon subject-relevant events in the partner company.


Course Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Sven Roeren
PHONE:  +49 (0)15122997664