Process Management and Resource Efficiency (MBA & Eng)

This course is offered only in German.

This programme is aimed at candidates with a university degree who wish to become more highly qualified with a view to taking on expert and management roles in the fields of technical development, logistics, purchasing, production, manufacturing, planning or consulting.

Upon completion of this Master's degree, you will be qualified for employment in many fields, from technical development, logistics and purchasing to all areas of production, manufacturing and planning, as well as consultancy work.

Many companies are setting up special departments with names such as Supply Chain Optimisation, Lean Management, Process Design, Process Management etc. that deal with the comprehensive optimisation of processes and methods. This in-depth training will make you highly suitable for positions in these areas.

After successfully completing your studies, you will be awarded the academic degree of Master of Business Administration and Engineering (or MBA & Eng for short).

In contrast to an MBA in Business Administration, the MBA & Eng has a technical orientation and is thus tailored to the needs of industrial engineers, engineers, natural scientists and specialists in business administration with a technical background. This degree qualifies the holder to undertake doctoral studies

It is possible to participate in individual modules of the course:

- Energy audit in manufacturing processes
- Lean Administration

This course has been successfully accredited by the Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) until 2019.


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Special Features

Practical relevance through the lean learning factory 
Production has always been the point of the greatest added value in a company. Training begins in production as the innermost layer of the onion with the elimination of waste. This centrally important course content can be tried out and experienced in person using the real, 900 m2 lean learning factory at Technology Centre for Production and Logistics Systems (TZ PULS) at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. Very few other universities are equipped with such facilities. 

More in-depth experience
"Best-Practice Enterprise" study visit
As part of a study visit of several days' duration, the participants will visit several best-practice enterprises in Europe.

Other interesting study visits
As part of the Materials Flow and Waste Management lecture, a two-day study visit is carried out, for example to a waste incineration plant, a residual waste landfill site, a biogas and composting plant, or a waste transfer facility among others.

Book: "Process Management and Resource Efficiency: The Path to Sustainable Value Creation"
At the start of their course the participants will be presented with this book, which grew out of the part-time work-based Master's degree programme and which deals with the increasingly important subject of a competitive yet resource-efficient means of value creation.

Mentor Programme
During their studies, participants are supervised by a mentor from the cohort of professors who will assist them with topics such as the curriculum, choice of subjects and Master's thesis.

Additional Qualifications
In parallel to the Master's programme, it is also possible to obtain the following officially recognised additional qualifications:

  • Lean Practician
    This qualification certifies that you are familiar with lean methods and tools and have utilised them in initial projects.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt
    This qualification certifies that you are able to independently undertake process improvements according to Six Sigma DMAIC and have some initial project experience.


Course Management

Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Stefan-Alexander Arlt
ROOM:  C1 14
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