The Russian regime's war against Ukraine, waged with relentless ferocity, fills us with horror.

As a university, we declare our solidarity with the people who have fled Ukraine and with all opponents of the war.

We try to help and support where we can. Therefore, as an educational institution in Landshut, we offer the following services for Ukrainian people.

Service for Ukrainians

"Bridge Studies"

"Bridge Studies" for Ukrainian Students with English and / or German Language Skills (min. B1/B2)


Since some of you came to Landshut without documents and unprepared, you can register with us for the preliminary examination of a study eligibility using this form for application for studies or certain courses.

Please send the document to incoming(at)haw-landshut.de.

After your registration we will check your eligibility for admission.Please take into account that for Bridge Studies you need to bring at least a B1 Level of German and/or at least a B1 Level of English.

Afterwards you will get the permission to register in our application system and therefor receive a link. Please click and register in our application system via the received link.

Once you have registered in the system you can select the English Taugt Modules you would like to choose. On this basis, our examination board will check admission possibilities for the chosen courses and you will then get admission to the individual modules.

Exceptionally, we admit you to the selected and approved courses during the current semester. As soon as you receive your admission document for the certain course set you can start directly with your modules at Landshut Universtiy of Applied Sciences.

Language and Study Preparation

Proof of language

Are you unsure of your language level?

At https://www.sprachtest.de/ you can check your language level free of charge for an initial assessment.



Regular study application for German-speaking Ukrainians

Regular application for German-speaking Ukrainians


If you are already a German Speaker and are interested in studying at our university,

please visit our website for information on study options in Landshut.

Certificate recognition Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Recognition Process and exceptions for admission

If you have completed a Bachelor´s Degree at a recognised higher education institution, you can of course apply fo a Master´s Degree.

If you have a "general university access" you can apply to any Bachelor´s Degree Programme. All state universities in Ukraine are fully recognised, many private ones as well. The "cerificate of completion of general scondary education (during the time of war) is enough to reach direct access for studies at a University in Germany. Find further information here.

For recognition at Landshut University please contact:

Judith Maier, Student Affairs Officer / Zeugnisanerkennung

Am Lurzenhof 1, 84036 Landshut / Office: N009

Phone +49 (0)871 506109


Exception for admission (due to war) for pupils without final examination

Pupils who, because of the Russian attack, cannot take their final examinations to acquire a university entrance qualification - comparable to the German Abitur - this year can get access but have to run through a three-stage plausibility procedure.

Student Housing

International Student Housing in Landshut

Dormitories of the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz currently operates three residential complexes in Landshut with a total of more than 500 apartments.

You can find a short overview of the residences in the Flyer or on the page of Studentenwerk.

Exchange and dual-degree students from our partner universities have the chance to apply for a room in the dormitories during the application process on Mobility Online.

International students who stay for an entire course of study in Landshut and wish to apply for a room in one of the dormitories run by the Studentenwerk, are asked to submit their application online here.

Private residences and further information:

Besides the dormitories of the Studentenwerk, there are many other private residences in Landshut. These are not arranged by the university. If you are interested, please contact the operators of the halls of residence directly.

You can find further information here. 

Health Insurance for "Bridge Students" and Regular Students

German Regulations - Health Insurance for Refugees

so called "third countries" are all countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area (EEA) - member states of the EU and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

This means that you cannot be enrolled without proof of recognized health insurance. You do not need proof of health insurance for admission. Only after you have been granted admission do you need to provide proof of valid health insurance for enrollment.

Refugees have the right to be exempted from the insurance obligation. The entitlement to benefit according to §§ 4 and 6 AsylbLG or § 24 AufenthG meets the criteria of proof of other coverage in case of illness. The certificate issued by the competent authority after registration (proof of arrival or registration at the registration office) can be presented as proof of "other insurance cover in the event of illness".

Please ask for assistence and relaying under incoming(at)haw-landshut.de.

For more information regarding the contacts for health insurance click here.

Additional overall information around Studying in Germany and Bavaria

Information around studying in Germany and Bavaria


The aim of this information from the "National Academic Contact Point Ukraine" is to build a bridge to the German higher education system for Ukrainians who have fled to Germany.

The site provides important information on staying in Germany, opportunities for study and research, everyday issues and the German higher education system, as well as links to relevant information and services.
Find more information around studying in Germany here.

Support for potential students in Bavaria:

The BAYHOST Coordination Office Ukraine offers an overview of funding opportunities for researchers at risk and for higher education institutions, support programmes for Ukrainian students, job exchanges and practical information after arrival in Bavaria:


Ukrainian students and academics can contact the coordination office for personal counselling in German, English or Ukrainian. The counselling can be used for initial orientation or to answer questions that cannot be clarified at the level of the individual universities.



Online VHB Courses for Ukrainians

The vhb Executive Board has decided to supplement the numerous measures taken by Bavarian universities to support refugee students from Ukraine with an offer from the vhb.

Those who have to interrupt their studies in Ukraine due to the war have the opportunity to take courses at the Bavarian universities online via the vhb and thus acquire ECTS credits, which the students can have credited to their home university at a later date if necessary.
This is possible via the already existing access option for "other persons". Students from a Ukrainian higher education institution, whether they have fled or are still in Ukraine, can register in this way in the CLASSIC vhb course portal after presenting a certificate of enrolment for WS 2021-22 or SS 2022, participate for free and acquire ECTS without being enrolled at a higher education institution in Bavaria.

More information in German and Ukrainian can be found here: https://open.vhb.org/

We explicitly point out to Ukrainian students that individual courses can be taken online via the vhb, but a complete degree programme cannot be completed in this way.

Those who intend to obtain a university degree must enrol at a university. Our offer is primarily aimed at Ukrainian students with German language skills. However, 78 English-language courses are also offered, many of which are part of English-language degree programmes at the vhb's sponsoring universities.

Furthermore, around 100 open online courses are available free of charge on the OPEN vhb platform (https://open.vhb.org) to all interested parties, 20 of which are in English. Although OPEN vhb courses are not designed to be credited towards a university degree, they offer a broad range of topics in fact-based university knowledge. Preparatory courses for international students and courses in German as a foreign language are also part of the offer. Since the launch of OPEN vhb in July 2019, several hundred people from Ukraine interested in education have already participated in the open courses.